Michael Yates – Vox

Michael Yates

Michael brings a wide vocal range that takes you from violent, brutal growls and screams to powerful, melodic cleans. With a writing style that utilizes metaphors and symbolism, Michael takes you down a lyrical path that leaves you thinking at the end of the song. Primary influences: Metallica and Lamb of God Gear: Shure SM58

Jeremy Powers – Bass, Vox

Jeremy Powers

Every band seems to have their quiet member, and offstage, that is Jeremy. However, on stage, Powers is a beast of a performer, in total contrast to his soft-spoken off stage manner. Jeremy has a thunderously melodic style to his bass playing that comes from a love of all styles of music. Influences: Metallica, Gojira, Read More…

Paul Shippers – Drums

Paul Shippers

“I think what I bring personally to Scent of Remains is I keep it simple with a groove, let the guitars and vocals stand out and create the perfect balance with the bass guitar to form a solid foundation for SoR, yet turn on the double pedals when it’s necessary.” – Paul Shippers Influences: Slayer Read More…