Michael Yates – Vox

Michael Yates

Michael brings a wide vocal range that takes you from violent, brutal growls and screams to powerful, melodic cleans. With a writing style that utilizes metaphors and symbolism, Michael takes you down a lyrical path that leaves you thinking at the end of the song. Primary influences: Metallica and Lamb of God Gear: Shure SM58

Jeremy Powers – Bass, Vox

Jeremy Powers

Every band seems to have their quiet member, and offstage, that is Jeremy. However, on stage, Powers is a beast of a performer, in total contrast to his soft-spoken off stage manner. Jeremy has a thunderously melodic style to his bass playing that comes from a love of all styles of music. Influences: Metallica, Gojira, Read More…

Paul Shippers – Drums

Paul Shippers

“I think what I bring personally to Scent of Remains is I keep it simple with a groove, let the guitars and vocals stand out and create the perfect balance with the bass guitar to form a solid foundation for SoR, yet turn on the double pedals when it’s necessary.” – Paul Shippers Influences: Slayer Read More…

Herb Himes – Guitars


Herb spends a good deal of time listening to and playing the blues, and, like many guitar players, is inspired by the playing of SRV, Hendrix and Buddy Guy. However, it was his first time hearing Black Sabbath that set the wheels in motion, got him interested in being a musician at an early age Read More…

Brian Leemings – Guitars


Back in Michigan when Brian was a wee 11 years old everybody was listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and roller skating around the Skatin’ Station’s rink. The DJ played Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” and that spun the wheels of Brian’s fate. Influenced by his father and Edward Van Halen to play the guitar, Brian Read More…